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KELSEY GRAMMER ANNOUNCED HIS DIVORCE ON www.todhd.com before anywhere else


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Have you been reading the tabloids lately?

I have.

And funny - all the newspapers and online articles are quoting that Kelsey Grammer announced his divorce FIRST ON TWITTER...

Well - I hate to clue the world in on one of the big mistakes of people who do not do their research and then report information in such a way - as to get the story out - without knowing all the facts.

Grammer announced his divorce FIRST -- on TODHD... on his own site - http://www.kelseylive.com

Amid speculations and rumors behind the reasons for divorce, Kelsey Grammer went straight to his home site to announce the OFFICIAL truth before revealing it to any other place.

Early this afternoon – Kelsey Grammer went to his own website - www.KelseyLive.com – a place where Grammer routinely visits and talks via chat to his visitors and posted the announcement about his current situation.
He wrote:
“I have made the announcement here first as this is where I feel most comfortable and right at home. I ask for your respect and privacy in this matter for my children's sake. I am comforted to know I have met so many great people here on our site and really look forward to getting to know everyone even better.”
The five time Emmy award winner for his Frasier role then went on to Twitter to make another official announcement.
Grammer has long been a favorite in the public eye and has charmed his visitors at www.KelseyLive.com – A new online Media network where Online Entertainment is starting a new trend and quite possibly becoming the future of all Entertainment.  His site is a mixture of social media and live television programming with both celebrities and the general public. And while it is still new and going through the final testing phases – those of the general public who have signed up have been greeted warmly, treated with respect and have all been given the opportunity to mingle with the celebrities who have also been joining the site.
Live broadcasting is available right now on the www.TODHD.com  Network to everyone and the channels are set up much like television – where broadcasters can schedule shows and have a chat room full of interested viewers. As more people are joining, more shows are happening nightly – with great enthusiasm. Grammer visits the broadcasting show – and partakes in the chats on a regular basis.
It really has become his community – and his own personal site – where he is ever the gracious host.
Grammer was recently nominated for a Tony Award for his role as Georges in the Broadway production of La Cage Aux Folles – and has done so many shows and voice characters that listing them would take more than an hour – however, in every industry Kelsey Grammer has touched, every single person who has met him has proclaimed him to be one of the nicest people around.
Having entertained discussion with Mr. Grammer, this reporter would have to agree that he is gracious, intelligent, kind and very witty.
The fact that the first place Grammer visited to tell his sad news was www.TODHD.com  says a lot about the community on the new network. It says that Grammer respects the individuals he has contact with on an almost daily basis – and that he felt bringing this topic to them first was important. It also says that he has become comfortable in his own site – enough that people can feel he is genuinely a part of their community.

Written by:   Meki  Cox  (LyricsExpress)
reprinted with permission of the owner and Kelsey Grammer

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