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MY Exclusive Impulse Mag Article with KELSEY GRAMMER new TODNITE Show on new NETWORK TODHD


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MY Exclusive Impulse Mag Article with KELSEY GRAMMER new TODNITE Show on new NETWORK TODHD



EXCLUSIVE: Hours after Kelsey Grammer’s Divorce Announcement TODHD announced The TODnite Show is Coming to Late Night with Kelsey Grammer
PRESS – Meki Cox (LyricsExpress)

With the current downward trend of National Television, Kelsey Grammer has embarked on a new journey only hours after his recent divorce was announced across the Social Media Networks and Major Network News Stations around the world.

As Online Entertainment begins to take over scheduled television programming on Cable and Satellite – Grammer has met the issue of declining sales head on by becoming part of a New Online Entertainment Network – TODHD (The World’s First Branded Social Television Network).

Ever decreasing ratings among big stars has become a noticeable, yet predictable occurrence – as the world turns to online interaction instead of continuing to view older formatted television programs.

Jay Leno’s Tonight Show on NBC suffered a considerable loss of ratings, only four months after resuming “The Tonight Show” telecast from Conan O’Brien, now with TBS, whose ratings also were lower than expected and caused NBC to bring back Leno in a failed bid to increase viewer ratings. “The David Letterman Show” fared even worse, maintaining a low third in late night television over- all ratings. Now Kelsey throws his hat into the ring, ironically going up against his former networks NBC that aired his Fraiser and Cheers sitcoms and ABC where Hank had a brief run.

Grammer, taking his divorce in stride, set about immediately to work on his new comedy production venture – aptly named “The TOD’nite Show” – in recognition of being part of the new Major Network TODHD which is an acronym for Television On Demand in High Definition.

Kelsey Grammer

“The TOD’nite Show” features actors Kelsey Grammer and his side-kick, comedian TK Carter – the man of 1000 voices – and guest featuring other well known actors in adventurously funny, short, unexpected comedy skits.

Amusing and hilarious – the new production has laugh out loud scenes that are guaranteed to keep viewers smiling and entertained. Grammer and cast bounce off of each other in high comedy style. The show is centered around social media and how it has changed all of our lives.

Without giving away too much information and without spoiling the surprise that awaits viewers, TODHD plans to become the hottest interactive televised Network available to viewers for both Live and on Demand entertainment around the world – and will continue making productions of “The TOD’nite Show” as its anchor show along with many others for the public’s engagement. Grammer fully endorses and stars in the first comedy show and also embraces the new Network it will be airing on.

“The TOD’nite Show” is set to debut this fall on the new broadcasting Network TODHD – and while it is drastically different than the normal programming or characters for Grammer – it completely shows another facet in Grammer’s large repertoire of acting skills which currently are on display on Broadway – in the Tony Award winning musical: La Cage Aux Folles.

When asked what the driving factor behind this type of format and production which embraces social media as its very core base Mr. Grammer replied:

“The world is being connected in ways never seen before and I felt I needed to get connected with it. The fact that the fans can be so involved and part of the process is a unique experience both for the fan and me. In many ways it’s like Broadway where every audience has a unique experience which is never duplicated.”

Kelsey Grammer continues with:

“I have met so many interesting people on www.KelseyLive.com (which is Channel 3 on the TODHD network) which brings me to a new level of social consciousness. The experience is very unique – something, frankly, you rarely experience in traditional scripted programming. Now as the advertisers are beginning to realize the value of this platform – you will start seeing advertisers engaging more in meaningful ways and becoming part of the content process and we will see the old commercials on television and banner ads on the internet begin to fade. People are demanding more… so we must deliver this experience.

In many ways it is like “Back To The Future” – where the advertisers are directly involved in the content and it reminds me of the old Radio Sponsored Soap shows. Proctor and Gamble originally produced some of the earliest soap operas like The Young and the Restless (now on CBS) and moved on to Proctor and Gamble Productions sponsoring and producing televised serials – “Another World”, “As the World Turns” and more being a direct advertiser and sponsoring company – TODHD Network will also provide that opportunity to advertisers and to the Entertainment Industry. Which makes the TODHD Network in all aspects the equal to or better than current televised networks.

Technology has finally caught up to – and in many ways passed – traditional entertainment outlets. I guess it’s now time for entertainment to catch up to technology.”

When asked more about the new Network TODHD, Grammer states:

“The Network is currently being developed right before our eyes – you can call it a “Live Social Experiment”. Celebrities – the likes of Corbin Bleu of Disney Network’s High School Musical has his own channel on the TODHD Network, which is Channel 13 , and the world renown Jazz Musician Stanley Clarke will be on Channel 8 on the TODHD Network - Clarke, by the way, also supplies the music for the TOD’nite Show. These Celebrities have just started their channels and there are more in the planning.”

Grammer went on about what viewers of the TODHD Network could expect to see:

“Rumor even has it that we may see a “Cheers” or “Frasier” type of reunion with some of the past stars of those shows as they are finding their way to The TODHD Network – we’ve created a platform for and of Talented Actors and Creators wrapped around their fans. And this creates a new and unique way for the fans to actually participate in the process communicating directly with us, the celebrities.”

Recently Nielson, the world leader in trending media tendencies, acknowledged what Kelsey Grammer has been saying all along:

“With recent advances in electronics, viewing is no longer limited to the television set and content is available on multiple platforms. Computers and mobile devices have joined the television as places to view programming.”

Nielson’s comment makes Grammer’s assertation that Advertisers and the Entertainment Industry are – indeed – making the leap to online technologies and the new TODHD Network is in the leading position.


KELSEY GRAMMER ANNOUNCED HIS DIVORCE ON www.todhd.com before anywhere else


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Have you been reading the tabloids lately?

I have.

And funny - all the newspapers and online articles are quoting that Kelsey Grammer announced his divorce FIRST ON TWITTER...

Well - I hate to clue the world in on one of the big mistakes of people who do not do their research and then report information in such a way - as to get the story out - without knowing all the facts.

Grammer announced his divorce FIRST -- on TODHD... on his own site - http://www.kelseylive.com

Amid speculations and rumors behind the reasons for divorce, Kelsey Grammer went straight to his home site to announce the OFFICIAL truth before revealing it to any other place.

Early this afternoon – Kelsey Grammer went to his own website - www.KelseyLive.com – a place where Grammer routinely visits and talks via chat to his visitors and posted the announcement about his current situation.
He wrote:
“I have made the announcement here first as this is where I feel most comfortable and right at home. I ask for your respect and privacy in this matter for my children's sake. I am comforted to know I have met so many great people here on our site and really look forward to getting to know everyone even better.”
The five time Emmy award winner for his Frasier role then went on to Twitter to make another official announcement.
Grammer has long been a favorite in the public eye and has charmed his visitors at www.KelseyLive.com – A new online Media network where Online Entertainment is starting a new trend and quite possibly becoming the future of all Entertainment.  His site is a mixture of social media and live television programming with both celebrities and the general public. And while it is still new and going through the final testing phases – those of the general public who have signed up have been greeted warmly, treated with respect and have all been given the opportunity to mingle with the celebrities who have also been joining the site.
Live broadcasting is available right now on the www.TODHD.com  Network to everyone and the channels are set up much like television – where broadcasters can schedule shows and have a chat room full of interested viewers. As more people are joining, more shows are happening nightly – with great enthusiasm. Grammer visits the broadcasting show – and partakes in the chats on a regular basis.
It really has become his community – and his own personal site – where he is ever the gracious host.
Grammer was recently nominated for a Tony Award for his role as Georges in the Broadway production of La Cage Aux Folles – and has done so many shows and voice characters that listing them would take more than an hour – however, in every industry Kelsey Grammer has touched, every single person who has met him has proclaimed him to be one of the nicest people around.
Having entertained discussion with Mr. Grammer, this reporter would have to agree that he is gracious, intelligent, kind and very witty.
The fact that the first place Grammer visited to tell his sad news was www.TODHD.com  says a lot about the community on the new network. It says that Grammer respects the individuals he has contact with on an almost daily basis – and that he felt bringing this topic to them first was important. It also says that he has become comfortable in his own site – enough that people can feel he is genuinely a part of their community.

Written by:   Meki  Cox  (LyricsExpress)
reprinted with permission of the owner and Kelsey Grammer

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