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#TweetPoetrySlam - on Thursdays


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Join us on Twitter with Topic 
on Thursdays!

20 lines in 20 minutes - label each line.

You don't have to be a great poet or lyricist..... You just need to write.

1) Write a post with your Title and the Trending Topic #TweetPoetrySlam
2) Write 20 lines (or Tweets) of Poetry - labeling each one with a number 1 - 20


Tweet this: #TweetPoetrySlam - My title is: Join the Slam

(send Tweet)

Tweet this: 1. Thursdays are the day to write

(send Tweet)

Tweet this: 2. So much fun in sight

(send Tweet)

Tweet this: 3. Everyone will have a blast

(send Tweet)

Tweet this: 4. We'll Make this #TweetPoetrySlam really last

(send Tweet)

And so on....

You get the idea!

Now - when you get done with your 20 lines of poetry - don't just kick back....

Go to the Trending Topic #TweetPoetrySlam and actually go read some of the other poems or lyrics out there.... Let the Tweeters KNOW that you appreciated their effort - and make sure to give them kudos or reviews for their poem or lyric!

It's that easy.

In the future - we hope that we'll have hundreds or writers - and we'll be able to set out challenges... Or maybe even prizes if the idea catches on.

So do your part - Give a start! Join in the fun on #TweetPoetrySlam on Thursdays....


Also -  I need to apologize to my fans and friends about not updating this website recently.

A few of you are aware that my personal life was shredded in the last 3 weeks and that I was down with pneumonia... and a new complicated job - So apologies for the lack of work on the site - forgive me... I promise to try to get back into the swing of things shortly.