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Writing Poetry From REAL EMOTION and using those emotions to FUEL your Creative Side


At times in your life - you come across extreme emotional moments.

Some of those times are happy, some sad and some - somewhere in-between. But the extreme quality of the time allows vast legions of individuals to have access to something that is unexplainable - that gives them *truth* to their words or creative activity.

Real Emotion.

Real emotion can allow you to create incredible pieces of poetry. Real emotion can lend something that is intensified beyond typical writing capability. It breathes life into the  creativity that did not exist without that emotion.

For example:

You are in a perfectly happy relationship and one day, as you come home from work your partner of many years decides to leave you without any warning.

Your head is spinning - your heart is breaking - your soul is crushed. You feel like the world is ending and there is no reason to go on living.

Some people feel incredibly depressed - some turn into automatons and stop experiencing life for a little while. Some people become bitter - in fact, there are so many capable emotions that can be ascribed to such  a situation - that this is the perfect example to use...

And even though there are a lot of situations that can cause REAL EMOTION - I am choosing to use this particular situation because almost everyone has experienced a loss  like this - and can identify with it - enough so that they can comprehend the intent of this exercise.

There are a few things that you can do to harness some of those emotions and allow them to flow onto the paper (or computer screen). I will discuss two ways to tap into those emotions and allow you to create something of value - that you can  use not only to write a good piece of poetry during a very bad situation - but also to allow you to experience the situation in a different way.

To do these exercises you will need:

1) Paper and Pen (or a computer / notebook, etc.)
2) A quiet space
3) A moment to think



You can do free flow association writing: 
Write 5 things down that you hate about the person 
5 things down that  you love about the person.


Laziness, Drugs, Lack of Feeling, Lack of Responsibility, Lack of Caring about Others

Kindness to Animals, The Way you make love to me, Your laughter, Your Sense of Adventure, Spontaneity

Now WE are going to use our words (this list is my imaginary list - you have your own list of words, of course) to create a poem.. You will use each word or grouping of words to write this poem.

Start every line with the word "I" or "MINE" or "ME" or the word "YOU" or "YOURS"

I watched your drugs drift through your life making your laziness escalate into our days.

Your Laughter let me believe your lack of responsibility would turn into your changed ways.

Your kindness to Animals gave me breath as I held on to the way you make love to me.

My vision has cleared I see your lack of caring for others allowed you to abuse your spontaneity.

Your Sense of Adventure has led you off to some wanderlust beaten path

My simple counting, Your Lack of Feeling - has made me forget Love's Math

Now this, of course, is a VERY simple explanation - it wouldn't help you for me to write a perfect example down - and my poetry style may not be YOUR style - in fact - everyone has a different style of poetry.

But... This example gives you a way to make yourself write during those trying times - it gives you a creative outlet to tap into those heavy emotions and write something out.


 Just write - whatever comes to mind - allow it to flow.  
Let your emotions trip over your words. 
Don't care about cadence - drop your feelings onto the paper or screen. 
Allow the sentences to run over each other. 
Allow the sentence to end before the train of thought must continue - don't stop to think about the proper placement... or word... or punctuation -  Just let it Drift out of you - in a fluid way - without any need for breaks. Sometimes it might be long, sometimes it might be short - just write.... 
Drift - float...........................

It hurts to think of you walking away - showing me your back as you leave.
I hurt as I try to remember the color of your eyes looking down into  mine.
The pain drifts through me, around me, enveloping me.
Making it hard to breathe
As you continue walking
The coldness of your laughter
As you said Goodbye
You  were needed most.
You never turned around
Never looked back
Into the distance
Like a speck
of dust

Now - these 2 exercises can be used with ANY REAL EMOTION.

You can write when you're very happy - you can write when you're very sad.... You can write at any time - you just have to start doing it.


Take a moment - if you're not going through something that is extremely emotional - try to recall a moment when you WERE in the middle of a REAL EMOTIONAL moment.

Try using those memories to allow you to try these exercises.

AND ANY TIME you find yourself faced with REAL EMOTION - don't just let it seep past you... Use it... Allow it to help shape and create your poetry...

You might find it cathartic.

And then again - you might find that you've written an amazing piece.

NOT that those two exercise pieces are amazing - but at times, amazing poetry can come of REAL EMOTION.

Until next discussion, signing off!

Lyrics Express

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