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Creating Blog Concept and WHY this blog is Being Created


One would think that creating a blog is easy.

However, the truth is... if you want a great blog, you have to treat it like a business. You have to plan it out, imagine it, create images, focus on your content and actually work.

A good blog can take hours.

A great blog can take forever.

The amount of time spent behind the scenes of any business or entertainment blog can be astronomical. One must decide is it worth it?

The amount of worth might be determined by many factors:

  • What are you doing it for?
  • What are your expectations?
  • What do you hope to accomplish?
  • How long will it take?
  • And many more factors...

I've sat down and tried to determine what I want to create and what the purpose of this creation is to be.

My answer was simple: I want to write and sell what I write.

I write lyrics and poetry like second nature. Somehow, it was seen fit to bludgeon my brain as an infant - with the natural ability to make words flow, especially rhyming words. It wasn't a learned ability - it wasn't something that I studied or made myself practice at - it was rammed into me by whatever it is that creates skill. It doesn't matter if I wanted that skill - it doesn't matter if I wanted to do something else... Poetry belonged to me; lock, stock and barrel. I didn't have a choice in the matter.


As time went on, I learned to just accept my ability and I started enjoying the progress I made.

It started with poems written in school, short story writing and anything that had to deal with the written, expressed word. I would write about the deep love I had for the third grade teacher aide (whom I'm sure didn't even notice that I existed) and about the blue skies. Each poem I wrote was like just expressing my inner soul, at least to me.

I found that I developed a sense of humor about my writing and something of a competitive nature. I would challenge friends to write poems with me - and of course, I earned a small following of people who were awed by my ability to transform words into visions... Me... Well... to be honest, I thought it was kind of silly. I mean - I was just throwing words out - just for some reason they couldn't do it... They couldn't express themselves like I could. I never understood why - but I quickly learned that most people couldn't do it... So for a little while I hid the fact that I could write like a demon from all of my friends because I didn't want to be "that outsider" or "that nerd".

Suffice it to say, as I grew older, I continued to write... At first it was "in the closet"... Only when I was down about the world or needed to get something off of my chest. Then... One day - a guy asked me if I could help him write a love poem to his girlfriend.

"OF COURSE," was my reply.

In less than ten minutes he had a beautiful love poem in his hands - and I had 20.00 in my pocket.

I then branched out into articles for friends who had websites and businesses. I did it for free for some - for favors for others. News briefs for college newsletters, magazine articles for friends and ad-copy for businesses that I worked for - plus helping every business with creating Procedure Manuals and administrative writing.

I started playing the guitar and somehow my poetry developed into lyrics for acoustic songs easily... and people started asking me to help them write lyrics for their bands and songs. Easy as pie - and I gave the song lyrics away. To this day - I'm sure some of my lyrics have helped people around the music industry get heard or be seen...

So here I was sitting - just having helped a friend of mine by starting to market him to the online Music Industry - and I realized: I'm good at this. I've been doing it for a long time. It is TIME for ME to start thinking of it as a profession and not just a hobby.

I've written for some low key players in the music world... I've helped musicians who aren't in the industry - but are garage bands... I've written literally hundreds and hundreds of poems for people and lots of articles for businesses. I'm also pretty good at Marketing and Graphics (having made some Indie author book covers).

I want to sell my stuff.

I want to help others - as well as showcase MY talents now.

It's time...

So I started with my own MARKETING concept - and decided that this - THIS is going to be IT.

You can help me on my journey as you watch my business grow. Pass my name around to your friends, family and employers. Give me a chance to prove to you, myself and everyone else that I AM one of the best... That I am good at this - and that THIS...



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